December 2023


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National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) is a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to protecting and advocating for the rights of minorities in the United States.

Our project involved developing the main website for NMQF, along with multiple subsidiary websites representing different facets of the organization. The primary goal was to create an easily navigable information hub for the organization while effectively showcasing its complex structure in a user-friendly manner.


We approached the project with a strategic plan to meet the client's objectives:

Comprehensive Website Structure: Collaborated closely with NMQF to understand the intricate structure of the organization and its various branches. Developed a comprehensive website architecture that segmented information logically, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation.

Main Website Development: Created the main website for NMQF, focusing on clear communication of the organization's mission, values, programs, and initiatives. Incorporated visually appealing design elements and intuitive navigation menus to enhance user experience.

Subsidiary Websites: Designed and developed multiple subsidiary websites for different divisions or projects under NMQF. Each subsidiary website maintained a cohesive visual identity while catering to the specific needs and focus areas of that division.

User-Friendly Interface: Implemented a user-friendly interface across all websites, utilizing clear headings, navigation menus, search functionality, and interactive elements to guide users through the vast amount of information without feeling overwhelmed.

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The launch of the main NMQF website and its subsidiary websites received positive feedback from the client and users alike:

The organized website structure made it easy for visitors to find relevant information about NMQF's activities, initiatives, and resources.
The user-friendly interface contributed to increased engagement and improved user experience, leading to higher retention rates and return visits.
NMQF expressed satisfaction with the final deliverables, acknowledging the effective representation of their organization's structure and goals.

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