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March 2018


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What we did

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Custom Backend Development

Third-party Service Providers Integration

Support and Maintenance





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Develop an E-commerce platform to digitize the trading knowledge and enable the company to expand their customer base across Europe.
Integrate a multi-vendor system and develop an inventory database to manage stocks and prices based on geo-locations.
Additionally we connect the inventory feed with marketplace integrators to make products available for sale.

Approach and Result

We have developed a custom-built Admin panel dashboard that simplifies managing the complex inventory database sourced from Vendors, enabling easy product catalog creation for Marketplace integrators.

Our solution includes a sophisticated formula calculation system that determines the product end price based on factors such as region, shipping class, and variable costs.

To ensure product integrity, we have implemented an easy monitoring and validation system for products, allowing for quick identification and resolution of any issues.


We have hardly ever had such a good experience since the creation of GYPI in 1992. Digital Present has delivered the project on time, meeting the client's expectations.

Miroslav ROJNIK


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