Why integrating UI/UX in your website design is essential for growth?

The internet nowadays has become an endless sea of websites and information. With many people struggling to reach the proper data, a need for a user-centered design emerged. Enter: user interface and user experience. With this concept, smart companies have found a way to create an intuitive website design that’s focusing on users’ and users’ needs. Find out why integrating UI/UX in your development process is essential for growth.

How will user interface and user experience design help your business? 

An intuitive, user-centered design will bring several key benefits to your business. Recent research has shown that companies utilizing user experience and user interface design have reached an impressive ROI. Next, the user-centered design will surely improve your sales results, while significantly decreasing your costs. Lastly, focusing on users and their needs will make your customers happy, and a happy client means a returning client. 

The emergence of the user interface and user experience design has changed the way the internet works. The practice has proved that companies that implemented user-centered, intuitive designs for their web and application solutions have reached new levels of success. 

The latest marketing trends focus entirely on the customer. With this being said, a company driven by growth must implement user experience and user interface concepts. With potential customers becoming picky, it is essential to provide them with a unique approach that will focus on their needs. 

What’s the difference between user experience and user interface?

To properly utilize user interface and user experience design, you must first understand the difference between the two concepts, and why they are so dependable on each other. 

The user interface can be seen as a part of the user experience concept. As the very name suggests, UI represents the face of the user experience design. By using graphical solutions, this design concept makes the interaction between software and its users possible. By using good, intuitive design solutions, the UI focuses on the user and makes the entire involvement visually attractive. 

Once the visual concept has been created, it is time to make it work. That’s when the user experience designer comes on the stage. The UX is the backbone of every user-centered design. By following the users’ needs, the UX focuses entirely on the overall experience a customer will have with your brand or product. The user experience concept makes the overall involvement your customers will have with your brand easier and more fun.

How are big brands using UI/UX for growth? 

The world’s biggest companies quickly understood the importance of a user-centered, intuitive design. While being entirely focused on users, the mightiest brands understood the importance of users’ needs and implemented UI/UX into their brands. Let’s look at a couple of examples. 

Nike, one of the biggest sports apparel sellers in the world, perfectly understands the needs of its customers. Therefore, a couple of years ago, Nike launched their application. The app is entirely focused on its users. By offering personalized products, playlists, and exercise courses, Nike’s application is a perfect example of intuitive design. 

The world’s largest home rental company, Airbnb has been also successfully utilizing user experience and user interface in their business for years. By creating the “rate” button to their app, Airbnb allows users to rate their rented home and the owners. Airbnb understands the users’ needs for renting a house from a trusted owner. 

Uber, the biggest taxi company that owns zero vehicles, reached the heights thanks to innovative UI/UX design. With their app, calling a cab has never been easier. Also, if we add the tracking and the chat with the driver, Uber created a fantastic product endorsed by millions worldwide. 


To sum it up, user interface and user experience design are essential for any company that wants to grow and expand. By using these two concepts, your company will cut costs, increase profits, save time, and create a base of loyal customers. These two tools will bring closer your company and your clients while working for a mutual benefit. So, if you find yourself among those that are driven by success, wait no more. UI/UX is the key to your company’s growth. Explore your options and schedule a Discovery Call with our specialists. 

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