What should you focus on when evaluating design agencies?

Good design means good business. From websites and logos to stationeries and business cards, the quality of your company’s design will play a massive role in building your brand awareness and your success in the long run. The first impression you’ll make is the most important one. Hence, the visual solution for your business is the initial step towards triumph.

However, choosing the right design agency can be tricky. While some agencies might offer you better pricing, others will excel in the delivery time. So, the eternal question still stands: what should you focus on when evaluating design agencies? As a client, you should consider many parameters. However, let’s dive in and explain the parameters that we at Digital Present believe are the most important ones:

  1. Determine your goals and needs. A good agency might help you clarify your vision by adding suggestions and ideas.
  2. Look for someone that listens and understands you. Choosing an agency with good corporate communication will ease the process.
  3. Look at the agency’s portfolio. The past projects of the design, the awards and their past clients can tell you a lot.
  4. Choose the agency that will specify the delivery period. Time is money, so do not let anyone waste yours.
  5. Lastly, look for an agency that will offer you a personalized solution. You want to distinguish yourself from the competition, not blend in the business sea with the templates and cheap tricks


The market today is overwhelmed by design agencies and it’s important to understand what should you focus on when evaluating a design agency. So, while clients have a wider choice, we have a healthy competition. Somebody will see this as a disadvantage. However, we at Digital Present, consider this an opportunity. We strive for perfection. Hence, we continuously improve, innovate, and evolve to deliver the best possible solution for our clients.


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