E-Commerce Website Secrets That Are Key To Success

Right now, for any commerce house, the biggest stores are e-commerce websites. Be it expanding a local business, or reaching out to overseas customers, these sites are a business’s best bet. Through this website, several more markets open up. And, of course, more markets means your products reach more people. More people translates to more purchases. But, there are some secret tiny details that push an e-commerce website’s success. Read more and find out the E-Commerce website secrets that are key to success. 

Featuring your product is not nearly the whole picture. If you think about it, there are several stages from a customer looking at your product and then clicking the final Call To Action (CTA) button. It involves choosing from a catalog, entering payment details, and so on, and so forth. And each of these pages is different, with subtle differences making huge impacts.

E-Commerce Website Secrets That Are Key To Success – Customer Support Is Key

In an offline store, the customer can directly talk it out with the clerk. But what about an e-commerce store? Customer support takes that place. The easier it is to contact them, the better it is for customers. Currently, live chats are very popular. But, as you can imagine, a chat window needs space to properly display sentences. Now, it might not be a problem for PC viewers. But for those on phones, having a permanently open live chat window is going to take up valuable screen space, space that would have been better used showing your products.

The solution then is making the option visible but tucking it away into a corner. It will be visible and clear enough to open in an instant. And, at the same time, it won’t make the already small smartphone screen even more cramped for space.

Signing Up To Checking Out

Nowadays every website needs you to create an account to access them properly. E-commerce websites are no exception. In fact, even the earliest such websites had that features think eBay accounts. But since every website needs you to make one, it is fair to say that there are way too many accounts that we are forced to create daily. As a result, making your customer create an account can understandably be troublesome.

But say someone does sign-up. Imagine having to remember the credentials (one of several dozens) every time you have to sign in to the website. There are two options left there: resetting your password every time, or just going to another website which is less trouble! And the way to make it less trouble is this: allowing users to sign in using other social media accounts. Your users are bound to have at least one account. And it makes logging in every time so much easier and hassle-free. This functionality is essential for customer retention.

And on that point of customer retention is needing to have an account to finalize a purchase. Several e-commerce websites still do this where they lock out customers from confirming their orders until they sign up. Yes, it has added bonuses: saved delivery and payment details, discounts, priority customer support, etc.

But imagine a customer visiting a shop for the first time, and the clerk saying, “Sorry”, but you need to have a membership card first before making a purchase.  A lot of people would leave then and there. That’s why the better option is to keep it optional. Also, most people like to try things out before committing to them. This means, if the service is good enough, repeat customers will always come back and see the benefits of creating accounts.


Building an e-commerce website includes many more such nooks and crannies. At a glance, most don’t notice them. But they make a difference. At Digital Present, we are proud of being able to make such details perfect. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us, get to know us more, and start creating.

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