Indicators that your business needs a website redesign

It is a fact that digitalization has changed the way how business operate. In the era of digitalization, owning a corporate website is crucial for success, gaining new clients and building awareness. Your website is your most powerful tool, it’s like your online “brochure”. When numbers decrease, many business owners and managers opt for changes in sales or marketing. However, the issue may be very simple: an outdated website design, let’s dive into the indicators that your business needs a website redesign.

What are the indicators that your business needs a website redesign?

Certain business owners or managers are not even aware that their website design can be the root of all their problems. In the world of the internet, new designs and new concepts emerge daily, the need for an up-to-date website design is bigger than ever. Doesn’t matter if you are in the automotive, blockchain, consultancy or SAAS industry, here are some of the indicators that your business needs a website redesign:

  • Your website traffic has decreased

Statistics tell everything. Monitor the traffic on your corporate website via Google Analytics and allocate the possible pain point, and reasons why your visitors don’t engage or enter the lead funnels. If you notice the traffic is lower than it used to be, then it’s time to dive deep in your analytics and allocate all the exit point. If the exit is on the home page and don’t continue to brows on other inner pages, than its time for a change and website redesign. Increase the visits, attract leads and conversion on your website by introducing new and modern design concepts.

  • Your website isn’t SEO optimized

SEO has proven to be a mighty marketing tool, writing your content and optimizing the user interface for SEO is a must for better and higher ranking on the search engines. Proper website redesign, from the User Interface aspect will change the way people find you on the search engines, appearing on Google first page is a game changer when it comes to organic discovery and lead generation. A new design, optimized with proper keywords will do miracles for your online presence.

  • Your website design is old and slow

The time of the websites that take an eternity to load has passed. The acceptable speed index with good UI is less than 1.3 seconds. Optimizing the back-end of the website (the java scripts, the photo and video sizes) will improve the speed index of the website. Also, with new concepts and improved designs, modern web pages are faster than ever. If your site is one of the old ones, it is time for a website redesign.

  • Your website design is not responsive

Website responsiveness is a major concern in times when the web is approached by a plethora of devices. The need for cross-platform adaptation is one of the main reasons for new concepts of website design. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is a must, since on average 75% of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

  • Your bounce rates are high

If your visitors are leaving your website as soon as they open it, you should opt for a change and a new design. The new concept of website design is focused on the customer, paying attention to user flow and experience. The first step is redesigning your home page, and than the website will surely decrease the bounce rate.

  • Your website has a depraved UX design

Proper UX design is the single most important thing when it comes to website design. If your customers have a hard way navigating through your page, it is only normal that they will bounce back. Improve your UX with a website redesign and make your webpage attractive and easy to use.

  • Your website has security issues

Security issues are a major flaw in website design. As scammers come up with new concepts and ideas of cheating, it is normal that users are wary and protective. If your page has this issue, change it with a new design that is safe and trustworthy. 


A modern, functional website design is a must for all success-driven businesses. The internet is ever-evolving. New concepts and new designs are taking over. Analyze your corporate website daily and take notes of every change.

If you notice any of the aforementioned indicators, it is time for a website redesign. Schedule a free consultation with our design experts/specialists. At Digital Present we have the solution to all your website redesign challenges.

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