2D and 3D mashup – an emerging design trend

Design is an ever-changing, evolving matter. Every year, we witness the emergence of new design trends. In this blog, we will elaborate on the 2D and 3D design mashup.

As the market becomes oversaturated, creative minds develop new ideas to express their thoughts. So, a couple of years ago, everybody was hooked to flat, 2D design. While this was a remarkable movement, the 2D design could not express the complexity of the products. Hence, the need for a new design trend was born – 3D design. This evolved design was able to go where 2D design could not. New forms, shades, gradients, the 3D method has it all.

This uplifting design trend was soon implemented in everything. From 3D design on websites to creating logos and visual identity, 3D was present everywhere. However, as it usually goes, the market became oversaturated. So, 2022 brought us a new trend in design – 2D and 3D mashup. 

It was only a matter of time before 2D and 3D designs merged. This evolved design has brought us many beautiful solutions. As a concept, the 2D/3D mashup is quite unpretentious. Designers combine 2D and 3D elements to create breathtaking ideas and solutions.

See our latest work with 3D motion elements for Poseidon’s Moringa Energy Drink.

These designs bring the best of the two previous trends: the simple flatness of the 2D design and the complex depth of 3D. They are already applied in all spheres of design. So, the 2D/3D mashup is present in web design, UI design, typography, graphic design, and animation. It is safe to say this movement will be the leading design trend in 2022. 

While 2D/3D mashup is the hottest design trend in 2022, it is not the only one. So far, this year has brought us the 90s nostalgia, anti-design, holographic design, bubble design, patterns, cozy colors, maximalist design, vibrant typography, and, lastly, psychedelic designs. All these new design trends are splendid, but none of them has the charms of 2D/3D mashup. 

Nobody knows how long the 2D/3D mashup will be popular.

New technologies and new business solutions require recent design trends. While some ignore them, good designers follow and study modern ideas. While some clients need a traditional approach, it is always good to offer something fresh and contemporary. However, one thing is for sure: 2023 will bring more design trends. Time will tell whether these concepts will be better than those we use now.

At Digital Present, we’re all about following new design trends and creating astounding solutions. We strive not to follow but to lead. Hence, we constantly improve ourselves to meet our customer’s needs. Schedule a free consultation with our design experts, and let us show you the magic of 2D/3D mashup.

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