12 Basic Homepage Design Tips For Successful Creative Web Development

The first lesson for any creative agency out there: the homepage is the first impression maker in web design. When a user opens a website, it’s the homepage that they see first. So it is essential that for any digital agency that the homepage design is on point.

Even for those creative agencies out there with proven creative web development records, these tips will always be there. So, let’s find out the tricks and tips for a better web design: first off, homepage design.

1. Immediately Make It Clear What The Website Is Offering

The usual tendency of a creative agency is to focus on graphics rather than texts when it comes to web design. But when designing the homepage’s header, both graphics and text are equally important. The best method is using texts and visuals that go along with each other and not overshadow each other. Use them to introduce the website’s services and identity as curtly as possible.

Any digital agency should also make it a point to make their web development easily identifiable from competitors. This means creating an impression that is unique to just your creative web development agency. For example, here are the Awwward winning websites that Digital Present has designed that set them apart.

2. Keep At Least One Call-To-Action Above The Fold

For those who do not know, the “fold” in a homepage is the scrollbar or any action that takes you to the next page. This is not the most essential thing, but it never has been a bad idea.

Of course, the majority will explore the rest of your website before purchasing anything. But, there may be some who are too impressed the moment they see your homepage. For them, keep a fairly easily accessible CTA above the fold. You do not want to miss that chance.

There’s no need to make it too obvious, that will give the wrong impression.

3. Images Must Be Original And High-Resolution

Gone are the days of clip art, and images that are not in HD. Free stock photos are especially out. If the homepage has to stand out, the best images and pictures have to be included. This is the key for the work of a creative web development agency to stand out from everyone else.

Digital Present, for example, creates personalized graphics for their clients. As a result, the elements cannot be found anywhere else.

4. The Web Design Should Be As Accessible As Possible

This means, and you probably know this, that any web development must optimize the site for mobile platforms. Just focusing on the average mobile screen size is usually enough.

This is because the majority of internet traffic today comes from smartphones. So any digital agency must check that it looks exactly how it should be before the layout is accepted. Awwward, a platform for rewarding excellence in web design, even has a separate category for this. Digital Present’s Eriden is a model example of why mobile optimization is rewarded.

5. Make Use Of Contrasts

Contrasting effects and colors let you make particular elements of the homepage stand out at a glance. Buttons for Call-to-action or forms usually make use of this technique.

Any creative agency should know that this is a part of forming a visual hierarchy. It can be used to subtly direct the user’s attention towards certain elements. For example, on the landing page of websites like Grammarly, the sign-up button has a contrasting color.

6. Include Directional Cues

One more way of directing users is directional cues. Directional cues mean arrows, instructions, or even images where a person is pointing/looking in a specific direction. In the Digital Present homepage, the first usual cue is to scroll downwards to see more. Its placement and comprehensiveness, coupled with the animation are some of the best examples of directional cues.

This gives a natural flow to how a user moves between sections on the homepage. In web designs focusing on sales, it guides users to the next step.

7. The Carousel Or Slider Does Not Work Anymore

For those of us who were there since the turn of the century, sliding headers might still be fascinating. But it has really lost its effect as time has gone by. The UX suffers terribly from sliding headers. It’s because they show too much information in a short time. This means users have to pay extra attention to see everything.

Most users today do not have that patience or the need. Chances are they are not going to wait around to see what you want them to care about. So any digital agency should focus their content on the actions they want a user to take.

8. Whitespace Usage Is Fundamental To Any Web Design

If you look at the latest homepages and compare them with older ones, one thing will definitely stand out: how much more organized and less cluttered they are.

The lesson learned by any creative agency is that whitespace has amazing power. It is one of the most powerful methods of focusing attention as well as making the creative web development much more freindly.

9. Get Rid Of The Sidebar

The Sidebar may not be as ancient as the carousel, but it is gradually going extinct as well. Any top creative agency has stopped using them in their web designs. The reason is simple: it just adds to the clutter. Not only that, but it also serves as a distraction from the main focus: the homepage content! Not to mention, it makes it even tougher to optimize for mobile screens.

10. Include Photos Of Real Products

Any creative agency working on an e-commerce site has to do it whenever possible. Mock-ups just don’t add to the credibility of a product. Actual photos of the products let customers imagine how they would look using them. For example, it lets them know about the size, and how the colors look, etc. If the product being sold is a service, then show the people what it looks like in action!

11. Include Videos Or Animations

Videos and animations are by far the best media for engaging users. As a result, it is also among the most powerful things a creative agency can add to a homepage. Even short animations explaining how the offered service/product works wonders.

Another part here is the transitions between sections. Menus can be drop-downs, and a good creative agency can make the whole website one smooth transition, starting from the homepage. Digital Present won an Awwward because their designs had this as one of their unique core features. Visit their website for Lotus Vancouver Showroom and you will see just how smooth you feel as you explore it.

12. Make Your Words Count

Text is an integral part of any homepage. But this does not mean you include walls of text. In fact, keep the word count as small as possible. Short sentences and paragraphs make a homepage look cleaner and gives the users the teaser they need as quickly as possible. Both help in keeping users engaged enough to explore more of the website.

The second part of making your words count is using proper fonts. There are tons of fonts out there currently that ooze professionalism and style. Even Google Fonts has a pretty good collection. Fonts and color help in expressing emotions. For example, Digital Presents’ homepage color and font scheme showcase their seriousness in their digital agency work.


So, does your homepage have all these elements? If not, try including them, and we can assure you it will make a world of difference. You can also contact Digital Present for a consultation about making an amazing and unique website.

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